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Game Plan Tools Methods Calculations A.I. Development Log Gameplay Code ScreenShots Art
4/13/02 Posted new screenshot with sky added. Added horizon to game, as well as lightning.
4/7/02: Posted Quantum Spectrum online
4/6/02: Began work on Quantum Spectrum. I hope to update the page as I work through the process of creating a fully-functional 3D game for the PC. Hopefully, this page will help others understand the methods behind 3D programming, and will give others an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. The lack of current in-depth code make this page more of an exercise in 3D theory at the moment, but more code will be added soon.

Game Plan: My plan for the contents of the game and its basic needs.
Tools: The software development tools I will use to develop the game.
Methods: The way I will implement the aspects of the game into the game.
Calculations: In-depth explanation of the mathematics involved.
A.I.: Discussion of artificial intelligence for the game.
Development Log: Log of my progress in creating the game.
Gameplay: Considerations to make the game fun to play.