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Whenever I update this site, I will post the date and update here.
This site was last updated on 12/9/01.

12/9: Lots of news - mostly because I haven't posted the news of most of last month... Many more downloads added to the downloads page, including a real snowmobile and lucozade cans, also a mountain dew can. Made a stereo object for fun, it's there too. Big news - Script Editing Studio is finished and available on the tools page. Site renovations, too.

11/10: 'The Tomb of the Cat' has been released! Click here to get a peek!

10/26: A reminder of the updates to the download page: newcustom objects in TRwest format have replaced the old stuff...

10/26: These updates aren't really from 10/26 but just recent news... I now go by the name 'Raider Of Tombs' Clone' on the eidos forums, due to problems with my username. It's still me, don't worry... SES (script editing studio) is being put on the backburner for a while because of compilation troubles. If anyone would like to join me in tool development, drop me a line at

10/24: Update about Mikejj's TRwest (Tomb Raider Wad Editing Studio)... I apologize for not seeing this earlier. The texture sets included in order to make custom outfits using strpix1 and the templates were fixed, while TRwest can interchange textures. This is a great feature of TRwest, and due to obselescence of strpix1, the outfits on this site are being removed to be replaced with TRWest - compatible mini-wads.

10/23: I have almost finished my first real, website-worthy level. I really don't like the idea of posting screenshots just yet. I will wait instead until it is up for download, and then I will post a few teasers.

3/21:  I'm back up again, and not sure if I was deleted or not as it took a suprisingly short time to upload the new site. I havew changed the layout so it it less confusing, and hopefully you all like it. Until I get flash figured out (rrg!)

3/19:  This site was deleted by Tripod again, for no given reason. That's twice. If it happens again, the TR Library will not be back. I am fed up with it, and I can't deal with having to reload every other day.

3/11:  Decided to give Mikejj's TRwest (Tomb Raider Wad Editing Studio) a try. A tremendous success! The program allows the transfer of objects into a new user-defined wad. While there are some obvious bugs with texturing, the baddies I placed all appeared, all saw and attacked Lara, reacted to weapons, and moved. If I the texturing problems can be fixed up this will end most wad limitations apart from the lack of new wads altogether. This is what I did in about ten minutes:
As you can see, enemies from multiple wads are attacking lara. Behind her, though you can't see them, are the crocodile, bullet deflecting baddy and a red scorpion. Also, the motorbike can be used, but seems to have no effect when colliding with non-city wad enemies. To try it for yourself, visit Mikejj's site at - For the TR Library, as well as all you outfit editors, this means that the same lara model can be used in every wad, making multiple templates for each unnecessary, and allowing one outfit to be used in every wad. In terms of user-friendlyness, the program rocks. It's built-in warning system told me that I can't have the crosshair without the lasersight, and would not let me save until I had added it. This ensures full wad functionality at every save. While in need of a readme (the program had me stumped for about three minutes) and the afore-mentioned texture problems need to be fixed, the hard bit's done, and to top it all off, it took the best part of nine seconds to download! Go get it now!

3/11:  Changed the buttons on the front page, posted a lament to Tripod above Pwhirl's dead link, and added an auto-vote thing at the bottom of the front page.

3/10: Added the prison outfit to the outfits page. In other news, Pwhirl, the creator of the TR Acrhives, a large custom level index, informed us that Tripod deleted his site again and this time he will not reload his site to a new URL.

3/9: Posted the requested nevada outfit on the outfits page, I have had it done for a while, but the deletion of my site delayed it's release.

3/7:  I am really behind on things, and I am sorry. For some reason Tripod decided to delete my site. I have spent the last I-don't-know-how-long trying to get back to square one. Sorry to all those who are still waiting for outfits. Please note the new address of this site: and no longer

3/3:  Sorry to dissapoint all you guys and get your hopes up, but I have just learned from Pwhirl, the author of the pictures below, that they are really TR3 screenshots, and not as thought before, TR level editor shots. The outfit and wad limitations are still the same.

3/3:  There has been a breakthrough in outfit editing! Currently the TR Library doesn't have the tools to do it, but let it be known that it can be done! What is it? See for yourself:
What's going on there? Somehow TR3 WADs have been ripped out and used in the editor. Note the elusive sports bra and full pants, as well as the use of the rocket. I will do everything it takes to make this ability available to everyone, come back soon.

3/2:  I have tried and tried to make an outfit like in the TR3 coastal levels. Unfortunately, I have found it to be impossible. The problem is that the same texture is used twice on her shirt, one in the right spot, but one too low:
The coastal sport bra outfit can't be done because of this.
In other news, I have found some neat flash software and am putting together a few things for the site!

2/28:  The votes are in! Congratulations to MOOSE 562 who won the competition! Click here to see, or to vote in the NEW competition! Lots of new outfits! Also a new layout, with high-resolution pictures! Finally!

2/26:  I made a new arctic outfit, an all-camo outfit this time. It is posted on the outfits page. I did not like the previous arctic outfit once I played with it a bit around snow. The newest one I think is really far more "arctic"

2/25:  Added Stef@n's requested outfit to the outfits page. I tried to do one like in TR3, but not being able to do pants or sleeves took it's toll. I settled on white camo shorts and a dark brown top with a version of one of the TR2 bomber jacket insignias on the front. I hope it's okay.

(note - all links to the TR Library Award do not function below this point due to the new competition - click here instead)

2/24:  My opening page animation looked awful, was distracting, annoying, and bad. I got rid of it. Moving on to a new subject to report, there are only 4 more days until an outfit winner is announced. Vote here, quick! I am moving along with my secret outfit, and while I am racking my brains as to how to do a preview, I can't think of one, so everyone will have to wait untill March.

2/24:  I am really into animation. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on enter animation to see what I just made. I am going to post that as my address in the future, so people watch it before they enter. I still have to stop it from repeating twice, though... (note from 2/24: link removed)

2/24:  As you can see, the rotating guns are functioning in the corner, there. I also added the fun downloading bar at the bottom of the outfits page, as well as a date next to my counter. I hope to be able to make a lens flare sweep accross the title on the home page soon. That reminds me I have to ask pwhirl about his outfit...

2/23:  Added the cheetah top to the outfits page. I did it for fun in about five minutes with the total template. I am secretly working on a new outfit that I will release on March 1st, along with all the other contestants in the new TRLibrary Outfit Award. The February award will be announced and the winner will receive their prize. They will also get a little star next to their outfit in the next contest, labeled "TR Library Award Previous Winner!" Vote here!

2/23:  Added Lara Severi's site link to the links page, and am teaching myself how to animate .gifs. Soon the pistols in the corner there will rotate!

2/22:  I received my first outfit request from Lara Severi. It is available on the outfits page. Thank you, Lara! Six days left to vote here! I also made myself a banner, scroll to the bottom to have a look.

2/21:  Updated my level, Arctic Ship, while it is still not done, you can download what I've got here. I also learned how to take multiple screenshots at a time :-) ...better late than never! Only a week left until a winner is announced for the TR Library Outfit Award, so vote here.

2/20:  One more thing, only eight more days to vote for your favorite outfit, then a winner is announced! Click here to vote.

2/20:  Yess! I finally got good resolution on this site. Took the hi-res title off the bottom of this page and put it on the home page. The only drawback, I have to put them into a geocities site, then link the addresses back here. It takes be about five minutes per picture to get up here because I go through multiple programs to convert to .jpg format. Because of this, (and because the outfit .jpgs are not much better than the current .gifs, see here) I think I will stick with what I've got, and only convert to .jpg when the image is substantially better in that format.

2/20:  I've finally tried to fix my resolution problem. It takes me a while to transfer pictures to get them into this hi-res format, and I'm not even sure it works. I tried to copy the web title at the bottom of this page, scroll down to see if it worked. If it did, you should see "Raider's Tomb Raider Library" in hi-res.

2/17: The brown camo outfit doesn't look good at all. I am going to refine it and post it later. In the meantime I have posted the green camo, wetsuit ver.1&2, cardigan, and jumpsuit.

2/17:  I happen to have much free time today, so dispite my talk about waiting for requests, I will post the wetsuit, the brown and green camo outfits, and the cardigan. Click here to download them.

2/17:  Changed the layout of buttons on the home page, I think it is a little easier to see what this site has to offer now.

2/16:  I have decided to take outfit commissions. To ask for an outfit, leave a message in my requests book with a description of what you have in mind. I will do my best to create the outfit and I will post it on this site.

2/16:  It takes me a long time to upload outfits, so if you want any on this site, leave me a message in my guestbook. That way, I won't post outfits that nobody wants. Also posted a picture of the green camo outfit and the cardigan. Click here to see.

2/16:  Improved the wetsuit to match the one Lara wore in TRII. I will post it along with some others I am making. I am making a camo outfit not unlike Moose's, but green instead of grey when I am done I will also make brown. I am also making a cardigan, but the lines do not match up. I can't really fix this in my lifetime, so I will post it as is. I will update soon to include all these.

2/14:  Added the TRLibrary Outfit Excellence award, as well as the guestbook. My counter is fine, I'm glad I sorted all that out. The next thing I hope to be fixing is why I have such low-res pictures. I'll fix that later, though.

2/12:  Eidos is back up again, so I am reconnected! I have added the award, but made it instead for outfits, not sites. As soon as I figure out how to do a poll online, it will be up there. I also added a fun stuff button

2/12:  Added some neat pictures and buttons. The Eidos Interactive Editor forum is down, so I am cut off from fellow raiders. Oh well. I really need to update my links page. Speaking of links, visit Moose562's site to vote for your favorite TREditor clothing site. I don't offer clothing downloads on my site, but I think the template counts for something. I am contemplating putting the wetsuit up for download. It is my first real outfit because I have been spending so much time with the template. I also am finishing up my level and plan to have the finished version up in a while. Moose's site award has got me thinking of making my own site award. It would be kinda neat...see my idea here.

2/10:  Not really an update, but now I am sure my hit counter is defunked. I get three different hit numbers from my site,, and tripod. I can't be bothered to look into it right now, but it is frustrating. Also, why is my site so low res? That I will look into. For some reason my pictures all turn to .gif format.

2/10:  Added the second wetsuit picture. The shorts in particular looked like they were just pasted onto her, so I gave them a cuff.

2/10:  Added the wetsuit picture to the pictures and screenshots page, I made it using the total template in about three minutes! I am having trouble with my counter, too. It says around three hundred, while Tripod gives me around double... Oh, well. I am trying to find all of Lara's boots textures now, and it is getting easier because most of the textures are out of the way.

2/9:  Another update, the short extensions have been added. I made them available in a separate texture map because you cannot get the short shorts back when you have the long shorts. Go see them here!

2/9:  I've done it! I found the elusive texture at last! I have now completed the shorts, and the template is really starting to take shape. Click here to see what it includes so far, click here to jump to the downloads page. In order to find that texture, I cut the whole wad map away bit by bit and ran it through Strpix every time until the texture I was looking for changed. Tedious, but well worth the effort. I plan to also include the shorts extensions in the texture map, that bring the shorts farther down her legs.

2/8:  Hard to find time to update the site. I spared some moments to update and include a screenshot of the template so far, and added the belt to the template. Click here to see it. Had some trouble with textures, and found out my problem was I was saving in the wrong wad, not to mention my cut-and-paste compilation troubles. Anyway, I am going to get back to the shorts, which I have done (and have had done for a long time), except for a rather elusive rear texture that is urm... rather conspicuous. I hope to find it soon...

2/7:  Added site counter from The Did more work on Shorts template, but can't find some textures. I think I will come back to it, I am going to do glove template and belt template in the meantime. Added first draft of gloves template. Decided that multiple templates are stupid. Decided that doing one with all the textures mapped was much better. Started work on total template and trashed all others (that is to say I compiled them) click here to see what the template has highlighted so far.

2/4:  Levels page added, along with screenshots. Added the beginnings of arctic ship to the downloads page.

2/3:  Information and Releases pages added, added some nice pictures

2/2:  Downloads and Updates page added, added some nice buttons and border to the home page

2/1:  Links and Pictures pages added, did more work on shorts template

1/31:   The Tomb Raider Library is created!