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These are levels made by myself. I have been spending most of my time making templates, so I am only starting to make levels, but I hope to have many levels here in a while.

Level:        Arctic Ship
Wad:         New City
Textures:  RX Tech
Size:         Small (30 rooms so far)

Description: Lara is about to begin her Egyptian adventures. In order to begin, however, she must first get to Egypt. Lara has hired old friend RX Tech to provide the transportation: a large ship. Just as Lara is about to begin her voyage, some rouge SAS arrive by helicopter and arrest all RX Tech employees. Apparently they plan to steal all of Lara's previous archeological discoveries that are packed in and around crates in the ship. Lara must begin her journey by activating all fuel lines to the engine room, powering the main throttle, and taking back all her artifacts from the SAS.

Note: This level is by no means finished, the only parts done so far are the main dock and some parts of the ship.

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