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Specific instructions about the use of the total template:
For instructions on outfit building from scratch, click here.

Ok, so you download the Total Template, or an outfit. What now? How do I get Lara to wear it?
Follow these instructions:

1. If you downloaded the template then open the template and edit the color coded sections as you wish.
2. Choose "Save as" and name your creation.
3. Close the paint program.
4. Open Strpix. (If you don't have it, click here.)
5. Choose "Open Bitmap"
6. Find your creation and click Ok.
7. Choose "Save as WAD"
8. Open the wad files (usually under program files, core design, trle, graphics, wads)
9. Select the city wad and click Ok.
10. Exit Strpix.
11. Open the Level Editor.
12. Open a level that uses the city wad.
13. From the file menu, choose "Output Wad"
14. Save and exit.
15. Open the level converter.
16. Build the city.tom
17. Run Tomb Raider!

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