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Editing a Primitive
Well, now that you've made a cube, cylinder, or sphere, you are probably wondering
what the heck is so great about this?!

Well, now things start getting interesting.

You can now edit the primitive shape using the Command Tool Box:
You can shape the object until it takes the shape of whatever you want.
Multiple shapes can be fused together to form more complex objects.

Fusing shapes together can be as simple as placing one next to another,
or you can use the Create button to build faces from just points.

Tip: Remember to keep it simple. Objects don't really need to be complex.
It really is amazing what can be done using texturing. If you don't believe me,
run Strpix3 and select solid mode. Most of the guns, keys, and general objects
are groups of rectangles of different shapes and sizes. Texturing can be magic,
so don't despair if your object looks like a stretched box or something now,
it will become what you want.

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