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Development Log:
(Earliest to latest entries)
see also: screenshots

March: Experimented with drawing triangles in DirectX8. Tried coloring vertices different colors to create a color blend effect. Experimented with rotation to rotate rectangles.
Wrote rectangle class to create large rectangle with rectangle command. Created floor and began to experiment with camera movement.
Wrote rotation code so player could move left or right
Wrote foreward/backward/up/down code for other degrees of freedom.
Coded blue sky
Successfully texture mapped floor
Added cage with keyed transparent textures.
Added audience and textured.
Replaced floor texture
Made cage smaller, adding a little floor between cage and audience
Added 2D mech sprite, does not rotate to face player.
Added door sprite
Added main menu with mech renders and instructions
Added rotation code to rotate mech to face player
Added Directdraw cockpit graphic, but it caused incorrect rendering.
April: Removed directdraw cockpit graphic and began work on 3D2D 'rotation' of the mech based on angle relations
Completed angle rotation code. Reads from HD when updating mech picture, frame rate: 4fps
Revised method of updating mech, uses multiple rectangles and does not have to reference HD. Frame rate: 40fps
Added cockpit  sprite and experimented with following player and static appearance.
Completed and scaled cockpit correctly.
Added gun flash animation.
Added sky
Added lightning effect
Added horizons